Thursday, December 30, 2010

A restless morning for Timothy

This morning, Timothy is needing a couple of more hours of sleep but is having a hard time getting that beauty rest he needs before starting his day.  But sometimes it's beautiful watching someone in their blissful state.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Something fishy about Kast

Today is Kast's birthday and when I first met this model, I knew there was something fishy about him...

Happy birthday, Kast!!!
(Only the best models stick a fish in their mouth without being asked to)

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Black Sands of Hawaii - behind the scenes

Since I just posted out takes from my Imperial Dunes trip, I thought I would post some behind the scenes images from my Hawaii adventure with models, Nicolla, Obi, Ray Armstrong, and Sidney Etienne.   These images are from our black sand beach shoot on the Big Island.  As you can tell, we had a great time.  Not only did I have great models, but this is a fabulous location.  This is just a glimpse at what goes on at a shoot.

The 5 of us flying over the Pacific...

A day at the beach

Sidney is not only a great model, but he is also a great photographer. Check out his photography at

What my models have to endure to get that great shot...

A rare glimpse of me with my shirt off, lol.

Out takes from the dunes adventure

Earlier this week, I did a road trip to the Imperial Dunes with 3 of my best models, Maya, Style, and Vel.  The dunes are massive so the challenge was to find a location to shoot.  The dunes are located where California, Arizona and Mexico meet so we hit the road and had a great time and these guys were a great team.  Finding a good location took a while so I did not shoot as much as I wanted to due to the sun going to sleep so early this time of year, but the trip altogether was great and some awesome images will be revealed soon.  I am already to pack up and return to the dunes so maybe within the next month, I will make my way back there to create some magic.  Here are a few out takes from the adventure.  Final images will be revealed soon so I will keep you guys posted.  

As you can see from all of the tracks, the dunes are quite popular for off road vehicle recreation so this is part of the challenge of finding a good location.

Vel helps Maya touch up her make up.

"Peace!" says Style, as he waits to shoot.

A couple of out takes from the shoot as a sneak peek.  Final images will be on my new website, which is coming soon.

The models frolicking in the sand.  We will be back soon!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New York State of Mind

I miss New York, even though I don't want to be there right now.  Who would leave a California winter for a New York winter?  But the energy in the city is still hot, no matter the temperture.   This set features model, Jason Medina.  I first met Jason about 7 years ago, on Venice beach, at the sunday evening drum circle.  He was the tallest person there, with 20 inches of curly hair, dancing around, having a good time with himself.  I can tell he was the type of guy that enjoys life and lives to the fullest.  I gave him a business card  and we stayed in touch ever since.  He has since moved to New York City and as much as he was a southern California guy, he is also a New Yorker.  I'm glad we crossed paths in Venice and have been able to remain friends, even with the distance.  He is one of the smartest and most intriguing person I know.   I love having conversations with him over wine, even though half the time I don't know what he's talking about.  He is a world traveler and philosopher, who always have good wine. Jason and I walked the streets of Williamsburg, taking random shots.  I think it captures the city well, coming from a Lost Angel.

Monday, December 13, 2010